Our Methodology

How clients will experience our methodology:

We start all client engagements by determining the specific tangible and cultural business results that the you would like to achieve.

We design workshops, consulting sessions and coaching sessions that enable you to achieve these results.

When situations allow for it, we consult, coach and lead workshops in live sessions. When this is not possible, we deliver our work via zoom or telephone.

We manage the engagement and constantly monitor to ensure that you are on track to achieve your desired results.

We have all said or heard the following: “Well, I told them exactly what to do and they didn’t do it, or they did the opposite.”


It’s not about what you say. It’s about what they hear.

Through our transformational communication methodology, our clients experience elevated performance while creating a thriving and energized culture.

Most of us grew up with a model of education based on receiving and remembering information. While this can be useful, it does not necessarily translate into effective performance and meaningful relationships.

At Resonance Consulting we start all engagements by inquiring into your business objectives and your ideal company culture. The first step is uncovering the barriers to these desired results—especially those barriers that are not obvious to you, and which keep you stuck or stagnant.

Our proprietary methodology enables clients to tap into their understanding gaps—to see what they don’t currently see and to hear what they don’t currently hear.


Once those hidden barriers are unlocked, clients find a new freedom and ease. You can move forward with velocity and the power to fulfill your emerging future. In addition to producing extraordinary results, Resonance Consulting clients report that they feel energized and enlivened by their participation in our consulting engagements.

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