What Theresa's Clients Say...

“Incredibly powerful, while still being empathetic”

“She has the ability to provide open and honest feedback without having people shut down”

“Authentic, and by far the best”

“She is true to the value she says she will provide”

“She’s as committed, or even more committed, than you are – to what you want to accomplish”

“She is a leader – no matter the circumstances – and very ballsy”

“Relentless in a respectful way”

“Her communication is like surgery – she listens really well and she understands the source of the problem”

Relevant Work Experience

1995-present. Provides Consulting Engagements, including workshops, consulting sessions, individual and group coaching to business leaders in Canada and the United States.

1991-2018. Led transformational Communication Workshops to over 12,000 people globally including Canada, The United States, New Zealand, Switzerland, England and France.


Bachelor of Education/Ontario Teacher’s Certificate. University of Toronto.

Honour’s Bachelor of Arts—French & Linguistics. University of Windsor.

Building a Resounding Brand

“Resonance Consulting delivers transformational results that matter most within organizations. We are passionate about the results people produce when they are being powerful and effective. We value taking people on in a real and unique way. Resonance Consulting partners with executives and leaders such that they break through their communication and performance barriers causing organizations to really win – big time! Our promise is extraordinary value that exceeds expectations and lasts a lifetime.”

Maybe it’s not about what you say. Maybe it’s about what they hear.

In searching for my company name, I thought about what I consider my greatest contribution to people and to business. I chose the name RESONANCE because it gets to the heart of the matter: what actually gets heard by those you are trying to communicate with.

And, when you partner with RESONANCE CONSULTING, you’ll experience our brand promise: 


Definition of Resonance

The quality of a sound that stays loud, clear, and deep for a long time


The methodology is designed to remain loud, clear and deeply ingrained in our clients’ cultures.

Definition of Resonance

A quality that makes something personally meaningful or important to someone


We deliver something to our clients that is personally meaningful or important to them.

Definition of Resonance

A sound or vibration produced in one object that is caused by the sound or vibration produced in another.


We ensure our clients always feel heard and know how to ensure others around them also always feel heard.

These definitions of the word resonance directly relate to what’s important to me:

I have learned that listening is far more important than speaking. In fact, how we listen sets the stage for the entire conversation.

I love to teach people how to “see” the way they are listening. When people know how to listen, they hear things others just don’t. They build client/customer relationships for life that are a joy to deal with. Selling becomes a natural expression rather than something frightening or difficult.

It is possible to learn how to listen and speak in a way that resonates with your clients and team. This is a game-changer.

When you are ready to expand your business opportunities and create fully engaged teams by transforming the way people communicate, we should talk!

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