Keynote Talks

Keynotes with Theresa that move you into action!

Whether your organization is going through a transition period, or you would like to prepare your people for upcoming challenges, we can provide insightful keynotes for groups of 20 to 1000 people. Topics include:

A certain amount of conflict in the workplace can be expected, even healthy at times, as people challenge each other and the status quo. However, there are situations in which conflict between or among people is highly destructive. In this talk, we will deal with the kind of communication that can resolve any conflict.

The 21st century has brought with it a lot of advantages and breakthroughs in medicine, technology, etc. However, it has also brought with it enormous complexity, too many options, and unlimited distractions. In this keynote, we offer some insights into a new way of working and living that leaves you with more hours in a day.

I often marvel at how hard business leaders work at acquiring clients and customers only to lose those relationships unnecessarily. In this keynote, we address the simple steps to building lifelong client relationships as well as some big mistakes companies make that aren’t so obvious.

Most of us started out in life by playing games like tag, hide-and-seek and checkers. People get an enormous amount of pleasure and sense of accomplishment from engaging in games. Unfortunately, business sometimes gets too serious and the fun and joy is lost. In this keynote, we look at what it takes to set up and relate to your business as a game you can master and win.

Confidence is often seen as an internal quality or characteristic that some people have and others do not. In this keynote, we offer our perspective on the true nature of confidence as well as a very simple plan for developing confidence regardless of your circumstances.

Many leaders struggle with holding others to account as it seems harsh and confrontational. However, without accountability, businesses can find themselves on a slippery downward slope. In this keynote, we deal with how to hold others to account with honor and without unnecessary force. Hint: It is not about policing or micro-managing.

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